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The genesis of the National Maritime Foundation lies in a long-felt need to redress India's historic neglect of its maritime security domain and to fill an acute intellectual void, by providing a common platform for discourse between maritime related institutions, organizations and disciplines, country-wide..

It was also envisaged that the Foundation would provide an open forum for professional debate amongst the sea-going Services; whilst serving to heighten maritime awareness amongst India's policy-makers, intellectual elite and even the lay civil society. 

To these ends, the National Maritime Foundation will:

 • Accord priority, as an autonomous Institution, to free dialogue and discussion on all issues with a bearing on maritime security and on the formulation of independent policy options to decision makers, in the Gol and the Navy. 

• Endeavour to mould public opinion and influence the national security elite on issues where India's vital maritime security interests are at stake.

 • Nurture and facilitate study, scholarship and discourse in respect of a broad spectrum of maritime issues, including marine resources, maritime law, maritime history, preservation of the maritime environment and disaster relief.

 • Seek to engage foreign institutions, having common interests and commitments, in our immediate neighbourhood and further afield, and undertake an exchange of ideas with a view to enhancing mutual understanding and cooperation in the maritime field. 

All activities of the NMF will be underpinned by the need to continuously sensitize our fellow citizens to the importance of maritime security, remind them of our maritime heritage and to reawaken maritime consciousness, especially amongst India's youth by using the instrumentality of our own resources, outstation chapters, as well as other institutions.