The Nati‚Äčonal Maritime Foundation offers students the opportunity to take part in a dynamic internship programme that provides a hands-on experience in research, writing and other organisational skills which will help enhance their future in research related careers.

Applicants with a background in international relations, security studies and political science are encouraged to apply. We accept applications around the year. However, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

The normal duration of the internship programme offered at the National Maritime Foundation is a minimum of three calendar months. However, consideration, entirely at the discretion of the National Maritime Foundation, may be given for different tenures in the case of students who need to fit their internship around their ongoing academic schedules, part-time work, and other commitments. Applicants must invariably specify the duration as well as the date of commencement of their proposed internship. Please note that an internship at the NMF that lasts up to three months is without remuneration (i.e., it is unpaid).  However, an intern whose work output is commensurate with the expectations of the Foundation and who continues with the NMF for more than three calendar months will receive a modest honorarium, at each month-end, commencing with the end of month four.

Interested Applicants should send their CV and one- page cover letter at

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