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Gurpreet S Khurana  19 Jul 2016

On 12 July 2016, the PCA Tribunal constituted under Annex VII of the UNCLOS issued its decision in the arbitration instituted by the Philippines against China. Beijing has stated that China would not accept the Tribunal’s verdict. Furthermore, tensions have rekindled in the SCS with reports indicating that China intends “closing off a part of SCS for military exercises.”…
Issue Brief

Premesha Saha  15 Jul 2016

Indonesia’s latest Defence White Paper 2015 recognises the ‘Global Maritime Fulcrum’ (GMF) vision and the attainment of the Minimum Essential Forces (MEF) target as official government policies. In this context, the essay aims to analyse the DWP and its relevance for the GMF vision.
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  15 Jul 2016

Making Waves’ is a compilation of maritime news and news analyses drawn from national and international online sources. Drawn directly from original sources, minor editorial amendments are made by specialists on maritime affairs. It is intended for academic research, and not for commercial use.
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E-News Brief

Kapil Narula  13 Jul 2016

A strong push has been given to the maritime agenda in India since the swearing in of Prime Minister Modi. This is evident from the range of initiatives taken by the Indian government such as Maritime India Summit-2016, announcement of ‘Sagarmala’ project…
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Prakash Gopal  08 Jul 2016

The Indian Navy deployed an Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) Mk –III aircraft together with aircrew and a support team to Maldives on 27th April, to assist the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) in “coastal surveillance and reconnaissance”.
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Upcoming Events

3rd RTC on ‘India’s Maritime Strategy’ (Book Project)

Presenter :  VAdm Pradeep Chauhan (Retd)
Date :  03 August 2016
Venue :   NMF Conference Room