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Gaurav Dutta   21 Oct 2016

The Bay of Bengal Industrial Growth Belt (BIG-B) plan for shared economic cooperation was announced in September 2014 when Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited Dhaka. The foreign aid provided in this plan primarily aims for Bangladesh to improve physical infrastructure, investment climate and connectivity aspects in Bangladesh, which would be economically beneficial for both Japan and Bangladesh.
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Eshita Rudra  20 Oct 2016

China and Iran recently concluded a deal on developing Abadan oil refinery, the largest oil refinery in Iran. In September 2016, the final agreement was reached between China’s State-owned oil refinery SINOPEC and Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company. The deal comes after Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Iran earlier in 2016.
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ADM McDevitt  19 Oct 2016

This study report titled ‘Becoming a Great “Maritime Power”: A Chinese Dream’ has been authored by Rear Admiral Michael McDevitt, USN (retired) who is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Naval Analyses, Arlington, VA, USA. The CNA is an academic partner of the NMF and this report was presented by ADM McDevitt at the seventh NMF-CNA bilateral held in Delhi on 13-14 Oct 16. This comprehensive study examines the various aspects of Maritime Power in the Chinese context and highlights the efforts of the Chinese in achieving their objectives.
Study Report

  18 Oct 2016

Making Waves’ is a compilation of maritime news and news analyses drawn from national and international online sources. Drawn directly from original sources, minor editorial amendments are made by specialists on maritime affairs. It is intended for academic research, and not for commercial use.
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Prakash Gopal  03 Oct 2016

The increasing presence of maritime militia in international waters – either disputed or constrained by geography – poses a significant challenge to freedom of navigation. While the Law of the Sea enables free movement of ships at the high seas, coastal states are increasingly resorting to the use of non-naval assets to pose asymmetric threats to legitimate naval activities.
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